Lost Fables | Novel Tea Games

Project Management

Lost Fables handles the project management for Novel Tea Games from project conception to developers, marketing and workflow.

Game Development

Starting with a concept Visual Novel 'Runeous' and adapting it into a voice acted Youtube Video. Lost Fables looks to create more story driven games in the future.

Creative Story

Lost Fables and Novel Tea aim to create new and exciting story driven projects.

Novel Tea Development

Novel Tea is where it all started. Beginning with a handful of volunteers wanting to create a story and share it with the world. Novel Tea brought forth the need for Lost Fables which aimed to work on further projects outside of Game Development.

Novel Tea Features

Novel Tea is our branch of Game Development. While a website has not been maintained, Novel Tea still remains the owner of the Runeous Visual Novel. Under new construction Novel Tea will be back with more features than before!


  • User Management - View, moderate and maintain site users
  • Admin Levels - Assign admin to various levels to access specific content/features
  • Admin List - Auto-Generate list of Admin based on assigned levels
  • Hermes - Ticket System designed to monitor, track and respond to user submitted tickets
  • Iris - Notification System which works with front end notification handling
  • Admin Log - Tracks any edits made to users via Cosmos. Can be customized to any other site activity
  • Reputation Log - System for adding 'Reputation' reports to monitor positive/negative user behavior
  • Blog - Create, edit and post blogs
  • Bug Tracker - Making use of tickets for bug submissions and and tracker to display bug status
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