Lost Fables | Hero Academia Beyond

Web Development

Full development of website both frontend and backend. Hero Academia Beyond required a full package to start them up and create an online 'hub'

Full Web Access

Developers of this team have the ability to edit/customize project files themselves. While support for this website is ongoing, small changes are able to be made by their team. For specific elements Cosmos allows them to edit page content from the back end.

User Reporting

Adding in a Bug Report system allows Hero Academia Beyond log and track bug reports for both web and game. Added features also allow for community interaction through upvoting content and reputation/ranking systems.

Hero Academia Beyond Development

Hero Academia Beyond is a team of game developers working together in order to create a fan game based on the popular Anime show 'My Hero Academia'

Hero Academia Beyond required some custom features such as a 'Casting Call' for voice actors to submit thier content, for users to vote their favorites and for admin to select casted members. The site utilizes many of Cosmos' features along with multiple instances of the blog for both developer teams and for front end users. This added more customization to user profiles by adding in submitted Casting Call and Blog content.

Front End Development

Hero Academia Beyond's Front End allows for user registration, user content and community building along with heavy interaction. Users are able to submit blogs, audition for the Casting Call and vote others contents.


  • Front End Design
  • User Login
  • Casting Call
  • Achievements
  • Dev and User Blogs
  • Backend Management allowing admin to change various content
  • Admin Logger to track admin activity for fairness and unbiasness
  • Notifications give logged in users instand updates and information
  • Cosmos
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Hero Academia Beyond became the first to use the modern version of Cosmos, allowing for further development of features and integrating of custom content. This became the second full Cosmos release to an external project.


  • Back End Design
  • Admin Management
  • User Management
  • Admin Rewards System
  • Bug Tracker to track any submitted bugs
  • Backend Management allowing admin to change various content
  • Admin Logger to track admin activity for fairness and unbiasness
  • Newsletters allow admin to send updates to users directly via email
  • Iris is a Notification System which allows admin to send notification to user accounts
  • Cosmos

Our game website has been a pivotal component in optimizing the way we conduct auditions for character voicing, the way we spread news, and how we answer questions about game development. It is truly a clean and useful platform that not only allows for the aforementioned, but also for users to express themselves through blog posts, commenting, voting systems, user profiles, banners, badges, user reputation, categorization, and more! We couldn't be happier with the job done on the front-end. On the back-end, the website has ticketing, selective user-notification via email or the on-site notification system, casting management and organization, a bug tracker, user management, blog management, and item list editing for user badges. It is truly a complete solution for a large team of people working on an extensive project that needs a large cast of voice actors from around the globe. A standing ovation is deserved, and much more.

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