Lost Fables | Cosmos

User Management

Cosmos is first and formost a User Management System. Accessing user data and allowing backend admin to modify as nessesary. This has been created with online community websites in mind.

User Ticket Support

In order to help users further; Cosmos integrates a Ticket Support System to ensure user questions and issues are easily logged, tracked and managed.

Long Term Support

Cosmos is always updating with new ideas and features. This requires a long term support for the system moving on. This support comes in the form of official updates and not fixing errors that may be made by other coders outside of the project.

Cosmos Development

Cosmos has been a pet project since 2016 with huge changes made to it since it's conception. Having been rebuilt from the ground up several times, Cosmos has only gotten more powerful with each new version. The end goal is always the same. Creating a Management System revolving around community.

Cosmos Features

With each new version of Cosmos, new features have been created to better help in user and community management. Every system gives more control and better features for the front end development of websites.


  • User Management - View, moderate and maintain site users
  • Admin Levels - Assign admin to various levels to access specific content/features
  • Admin List - Auto-Generate list of Admin based on assigned levels
  • Hermes - Ticket System designed to monitor, track and respond to user submitted tickets
  • Iris - Notification System which works with front end notification handling
  • Admin Log - Tracks any edits made to users via Cosmos. Can be customized to any other site activity
  • Reputation Log - System for adding 'Reputation' reports to monitor positive/negative user behavior
  • Blog - Create, edit and post blogs
  • Bug Tracker - Making use of tickets for bug submissions and and tracker to display bug status