Novel Tea Games


Novel Tea Games is a branch of Lost Fables which focuses on game development.

The branch was set up in 2014 as development of Runeous began

Runeous currently remains the only development from this branch at this time.


Runeous - Part 1

The story follows a small group of heroes in a world ravished by the wars of its past.

Runestones possessing magical qualities are what fuel the industry, their secrets long ago lost.

Humans research them to unlock their hidden potential.

Overpopulation in cities built for far fewer inhabitants. Homes built atop homes with giant walkways connecting the various levels together.

The world of Ceir'a faces a new threat. It is here that Leif, a young runic apprentice meets a Jacawi tribeswoman Eme. Together they must overcome the differences of their people and unite the factions to thwart the rising evil empire. Though not all is as it seems when the very fabric of nature begins to fall apart!

The unfortunate Part 2

Runeous had originally been planned as a 2 part release. A small volunteer team had worked together over two years to get the first part finished. Sadly many of the original team moved on and no longer had the time to continue working on the second part. Development of part 2 had halted. It is a project which has not yet been revisited.