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Knowledgebase | Game: Pets


Let's learn all we can about the pets! Here we'll cover what they are, what you can do with them, what you need to progress with them and more!

What are pets?

Pets are creatures which are made from Cosmic Energy and they come from a portal to the deeper cosmos. Since their arrival, pets have been tamed by many people and used to help with labor, for companionship or for competitions. Pets are happy to please their masters and will do what you decide to do with them.

What to do with my pets

You can engage in may forms of activities and interactions with your pet. You can take them for a walk for a chance to find treasures, Play with them to increase bonding or take part in activities such as adventuring or mining.

How to advance my pet?

Interacting with your pet will allow it to gain levels over time. You can also send people a link to your pet where they can praise one pet per day even without an account! The most effective way to advance your pet however is to submit an activity. You can read all about it in our Art Submission Guide