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How to Play

If you haven’t already, all you need to get started is an account. Just go ahead and register, if you already have an account you can log in here

Once registered, head to the homepage where you will be automatically redirected to our adoption center! Here you are presented with an option of three eggs. Choose the egg you like the most and the Adoption Center will hatch it for you! Now that you have your pet, it’s time to engage with it!

In your dashboard you will find a drop down where you can select how to interact with your pet. Each interaction costs energy but you get +1 energy each hour which means you can come back later in the day to interact with your pet more!

Don't forget to come back daily to claim your daily rewards. You can often find rare, expensive or very useful items there which can't be obtained anywhere else!


Walking with your pet allows you to find various treasures, sometimes it may be leaves or sticks, other times you might be lucky and find coins or eggs! Who knows what your pet might find!

Playing with your pet allows you to bond with them. Sometimes you may only bond a little, other times however you could bond a lot!


You can engage in activities with your pet by submitting artwork of you and your pet or just your pet.

Adventuring is where you explore with your pet. You could be exploring a cave, a forest, a ruin. Your pet should be interacting with the environment around them in some way.


Your avatar is you! This game is about pets and those pets are pre-determined species. However you are whoever you wish to be within the world. There are many species to pick from and you can design and dress your avatar in any way you please. You can even change their outfits and upload new designs as you see fit!

Read more about the species of people in the world over in our knowledge base