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Follow an captivating story that will spark your imagination and allow our team of creatives to bring it to life. With over 70+ auditions for voice roles, we have carefully selected from amazing talant.

Seasonal Returns

6 seasons planned with lots of bonus content. Faefall will bring you much more than a standard story. Welcome to the adventure!

Extra Content

With each season, keep an eye out for bonus episodes and content that will be released to further capture the world and our beloved heros.


Faefall is a scripted series in a hand crafted world. The story follows a unique story based around the rules/races of the popular Dungeons and Dragons roleplaying game.

The series will follow seasonal episodic releases with initial plans of 6 seasons with following bonus content.

Bonus content may include;

Bonus content will be released at the end of each season.


The Faefall setting is a story based in the mortal realm but with heavy influences in the Faewildes. This story makes many references to the world's Pantheon and heavy focus on Light/Dark.

As the only gateway between the Demon Realm and the Faewildes lies within the Mortal realm, the mortals find themselves in great danger form demon attacks.

The Demon Lords find new ways to get their forces into the Mortal world by weakening the 'Heart of Alcor' an orb that protects the Mortal Realm from the other planes of existence.

As the demons look for a gateway to the Faewildes, they begin their assault on the mortals.

Demon factions fight for control as a third has its own agenda; Lead by the Demon Lord Tortivillious, this third group have lived among mortals for many centuries and wish to keep the other clans at bay. Their real agenda is to take control of both the Mortal and Demon realms.

Our heroes must find a way to save the Mortal and Fae realms from this growing evil by restoring power to the Heart of Alcor."


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