Ultimate Price Guide For all your shopping needs

Food Items

Fruits Value
Apple 1cp
Banana 3cp
Grapes 3cp
Mango 4cp
Orange 2cp
Pear 2cp
Pineapple 8cp
Breads Value
2 Slices 1cp
Half Loaf 4cp
Loaf 8cp
Meats Value
Bacon 3cp
Chicken 1sp
Duck 2sp
Ham 6cp
Lamb 5cp
Pork Chop 5cp
Steak 8 Oz 8cp
Steak 12 Oz 1sp
Fish Value
Cod 3cp
Salmon 8cp
Sardines 5cp
Trout 5cp
Tuna 9cp

Drink Items

Fruit Juices Glass Bottle
Apple 1cp 4cp
Orange 4cp 2sp
Lime 3cp 1sp
Prune 4cp 2sp
Ales Mug Bottle Pitcher
Weak 1cp 3cp 4cp
Normal 3cp 9cp 1sp 2cp
Strong 5cp 1sp 5cp 2sp
Extravagant 1sp 3sp 5sp
Wine Glass Bottle Pitcher
Weak 5cp 2sp 4sp
Normal 1sp 5sp 1gp
Strong 2sp 1gp 2gp
Extravagant 5sp 3gp 6gp
Spirits Shot Bottle
Weak 5cp 5sp
Normal 1sp 1gp
Strong 3sp 3gp
Extravagant 8sp 8gp


Set Menu Single Sharing Platter
Cheese on Bread & Ale 6cp 1sp 3sp
Beans on Toast & Ale 6cp 1sp 3sp
Steak Pie & Ale 8cp 1sp 2cp 3sp 5cp
Cheese Board & Glass of Wine 2sp 3sp 5sp
Mains Value
8 Oz Steak with potato and leak 1sp
Cod and Chips 5cp
Soup of the day with 2 slices 3 cp
Dessert Menu Slice Whole
Trifle 2cp 2sp
Cheese Cake 1sp 1gp
Carrot Cake 2sp 2gp
Chocolate Cake 1gp 1pp


Single Rooms Value
Common 6cp
Standard 2sp
Luxury 1gp
Double Rooms Value
Common 1sp
Standard 4sp
Luxury 2gp
Merchant Rooms Value
Trader 1gp
Manager 3gp
Noble Suites Value
Squire 5gp
Knight 10gp
Ambassador 50gp
Royal 100gp

Lifestyle & Services

Lifestyle Value
Wretched -
Squalid 1sp
Poor 2sp
Modest 1gp
Comfortable 2gp
Wealthy 4gp
Aristocratic 10gp Minimum
Services Value
Coach cab
    Between towns 2cp per mile
    Within a city 1cp
    Skilled 2gp per day
    Untrained 2sp per day
Messenger 2cp per mile
Road or gate toll 1cp
Ship's Passage 1sp per mile

As with the standard D&D guide. The standard of living consists of your accomodation, food, nessesities and maintaining your equipment.

Wretched. You live in inhumane conditio⁠ns. With no place to call home, you shelter wherever you can, sneaking into barns, huddling in old crates, and relying on the good graces of people better off than you. A wretched lifestyle presents abundant dangers. Violence, disease, and hunger follow you wherever you go. Other wretched people covet your armor, Weapons, and Adventuring Gear, which represent a fortune by their standards. You are beneath the notice of most people.

Squalid. You live in a leaky stable, a mud-floored hut just outside town, or a vermin-infested boarding house in the worst part of town. You have shelter from the elements, but you live in a desperate and often violent Environment, in places rife with disease, hunger, and Misfortune. You are beneath the notice of most people, and you have few legal protections. Most people at this lifestyle level have suffered some terrible setback. They might be disturbed, marked as exiles, or suffer from disease.

Poor. A poor lifestyle means going without the comforts available in a stable community. Simple food and lodgings, threadbare clothing, and unpredictable condit⁠ions result in a sufficient, though probably unpleasant, experience. Your accommodations might be a room in a flophouse or in the Common Room above a tavern. You benefit from some legal protections, but you still have to contend with violence, crime, and disease. People at this lifestyle level tend to be unskilled laborers, costermongers, peddlers, thieves, mercenaries, and other disreputable types.

Modest. A modest lifestyle keeps you out of the slums and ensures that you can maintain your Equipment. You live in an older part of town, renting a room in a boarding house, inn, or Temple. You don’t go hungry or thirsty, and your living condi⁠tions are clean, if simple. Ordinary people living modest lifestyles include soldiers with families, laborers, students, pr⁠iests, hedge wizards, and the like.

Comfortable. Choosing a comfortable lifestyle means that you can afford nicer clothing and can easily maintain your Equipment. You live in a small cottage in a middle-class neighborhood or in a private room at a fine inn. You associate with merchants, ski⁠lled tradespeople, and Military officers.

Wealthy. Choosing a wealthy lifestyle means living a life of luxury, though you might not have achieved the Social Status associated with the old money of nobility or royalty. You live a lifestyle comparable to that of a highly successful merchant, a Favored servant of the royalty, or the owner of a few small businesses. You have respectable lodgings, usually a spacious home in a good part of town or a comfortable suite at a fine inn. You likely have a small staff of servants.

Aristocratic. You live a life of plenty and comfort. You move in circles populated by the most powerful people in the community. You have excellent lodgings, perhaps a townhouse in the nicest part of town or rooms in the finest inn. You dine at the best restaurants, retain the most skill⁠ed and fashionable tailor, and have servants attending to your every need. You receive invitations to the social gatherings of the rich and powerful, and spend evenings in the company of politicians, guild leaders, high pries⁠ts, and nobility. You must also contend with the highest levels of deceit and treachery. The wealthier you are, the greater the chance you will be drawn into political Intrigue as a pawn or participant.


The expenses and lifestyles described in this section assume that you are spending your time Between Adventures in town, availing yourself of whatever Services you can afford—paying for food and shelter, paying townspeople to sharpen your sword and repair your armor, and so on. Some characters, though, might prefer to spend their time away from civilization, sustaining themselves in the wild by hunting, foraging, and repairing their own gear.

Maintaining this kind of lifestyle doesn’t require you to spend any coin, but it is time-consuming. If you spend your time Between Adventures Practicing a Profession, as described in the " Between Adventures "section, you can eke out the equivalent of a poor lifestyle. Proficiency in the Survival skill lets you live at the equivalent of a comfortable lifestyle.


Light Armor Value
Leather 10gp
Padded 5gp
Studded Leather 45gp
Shield Value
Shield 10gp
Medium Armor Value
Breastplate 400gp
Chain Shirt 50gp
Half Plate 750gp
Hide 10gp
Scale Mail 50gp
Heavy Armor Value
Chain Mail 75gp
Plate 1500gp
Ring Mail 30gp
Splint 200gp


Simple Melee Weapons Value
Club 1sp
Dagger 2gp
Greatclub 2sp
Handaxe 5gp
Javelin 5sp
Light Hammer 2gp
Mace 5gp
Quaterstaff 2sp
Sickle 1gp
Spear 1gp
Martial Melee Weapons Value
Battleaxe 10gp
Flail 10gp
Glaive 20gp
Greataxe 30gp
Greatsword 50gp
Halberd 20gp
Lance 10gp
Longsword 15gp
Maul 10gp
Morningstar 15gp
Pike 5gp
Rapier 25gp
Scimitar 25gp
Shortsword 10gp
Trident 5gp
War Pick 5gp
War Hammer 15gp
Whip 2gp
Simple Ranged Weapons Value
Crosbow, Light 30gp
Dart 5cp
Shortbow 75gp
Sling 1sp
Martial Ranged Weapons Value
Blowgun 10gp
Crossbow, Hand 75gp
Crossbow, Heavy 5gp
Longbow 50cp
Net 1gp

Adventuring Gear

Item Value
Abacus 2gp
Acid (vial) 25gp
Alms Box 5gp
Amulet/Necklace, Exquisite 5gp
Amulet/Necklace, Mundane 5sp
Antitoxin (vial) 50gp
Backpack 2gp
Ball Bearings (1000) 1gp
Barrel 2gp
Basket 4sp
Bedroll 1gp
Bell 1gp
Blanket 5sp
Block and Tackle 1gp
Book, Scripture 25gp
Bottle, glass 2gp
Bucket 5cp
Caltrops (bag of 20) 1gp
Candle 1cp
Case, Map or Scroll 1gp
Censer 5gp
Chalk (1 piece) 1cp
Chain (10 feet) 5gp
Item Value
Chest 5gp
Climber's Kit 25gp
Clothes, Common 5sp
Clothes, Costume 5gp
Clothes, Fine 15gp
Clothes, Traveller's 2gp
Component Pouch 25gp
Crowbar 2gp
Earrings, Exquisite 4gp
Earrings, Mundane 4sp
Flask 2cp
Grappling Hook 2gp
Hammer 1gp
Hammer, Sledge 2gp
Healer's Kit 5gp
Holy Symbol (Amulet/Emblem/Reliquary) 5gp
Holy Water (Flask) 25gp
Hunting Trap 5gp
Hourglass 25gp
Incense (1 block) 1cp
Ink (1 ounce bottle) 10gp
Ink Pen 2cp
Item Value
Jewelry Gem Value + 50gp
Jug or Pitcher 2cp
Ladder (10 foot) 1sp
Lamp 5sp
Lantern, Bullseye 10gp
Lantern, Hooded 5gp
Lock 10gp
Manacles 2gp
MMess Kit 2sp
Mirror, Steel 5gp
Oil (flask) 1sp
Paper (one sheet) 2sp
Parchment (one sheet) 1sp
Perfume (vial) 5gp
Pick, Miner's 2gp
Piton 5gp
Poison, Basic (vial) 100gp
Pole (10 foot) 5cp
Pot, Iron 2gp
Potion of Healing 50gp
Pouch 5sp
Rations (1 day) 5sp
Item Value
Ram, Portable 4gp
Ring, Exquisite 3gp
Ring, Mundane 3sp
Robes 1gp
Rope, Hempen (50 feet) 1gp
Rope, Silk (50 feet) 10gp
Sack 1cp
Scale, Merchant's 5gp
Shovel 2gp
Signal Whistle 5cp
Signet Ring 5gp
Soap 2cp
Spellbook 50gp
Spikes, Iron 1gp
Spyglass 1000gp
Tankard 2cp
Tent, Two-person 2gp
Tinderbox 5sp
Torch 1cp
Vial 1gp
Waterskin 2sp
Whetstone 1cp
Ammunition Value
Arrows (20) 1gp
Arrow Quiver 1gp
Crossbow Bolts (20) 1gp
Crossbow Bolt Case 1gp
Arcane Focus Value
Crystal 10gp
Orb 20gp
Rod 10gp
Staff 5gp
Wand 10gp
Tools Value
Disguise Kit 25gp
Forgery Kit 15gp
Herbalism Kit 5sp
Navigator's Tools 25gp
Poisoner's Kit 50gp
Thieves' Tools 25gp
Gaming Set Value
Dice Set 1sp
Dragonchess Set 1gp
Playing Card Set 5sp
Three-Dragon Ante Set 1gp
Musical Instruments Value
Bagpipes 30gp
Drum 6gp
Dulcimer 25gp
Flute 2gp
Horn 3gp
Lute 35gp
Lyre 30gp
Pan Flute 12gp
Shawn 2gp
Viol 30gp
Artisan's Tools Value
Alchemist's Supplies 50gp
Brewer's Supplies 20gp
Caligrapher's Supplies 10gp
Cobbler's Tools 25gp
Cook's Utensils 50gp
Glassblower's Tools 30gp
Jewler's Tools 25gp
Leatherworker's Tools 5gp
Mason's Tools 10gp
Painter's Supplies 10gp
Potter's Tools 10gp
Smith's Tools 20gp
Tinker's Tools 50gp
Weaver's Tools 1gp
Woodcarver's Tools 1gp


Magic Items
Magic Scrolls
Level 2-3
Level 4-5
Very Rare
Level 6-8
Level 9