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There once was a young man, who lived in a small village with a small community. Everyone in the village knew each other, they had all once lived in another country long before they all moved here. Which made it much easier for them to fit into their new found lives. Sadly in this small village, there weren't enough jobs to go around so many took to traveling to the nearest city while others stayed on welfare to support themselves. 

Adam, the young man, had recently found a job in a nearby city. One that required him to work long hours packing items into boxes, ready for transport. He didn't love the job, but knew it was necessary to feed his family, and support his mother through her weaker years.

Today was like any other day, Adam woke up early got ready and headed for his long day at work. But today he managed to be let out 5 minutes earlier, allowing him to catch an earlier bus than normal. But this was a mistake, usually when he went to the station, others were with him from work. But only he had asked to be let out early, which left him alone and vulnerable. Just before the turning into the station 2 drunken men threw themselves in front of him, and started shouting obscene words at him. "get back to your own country, you don't deserve to live here living on our benefits". Adam against his better nature, decided to respond, "I'm sorry, but I work hard everyday to support my family, I agree some people are lazy, but I am not. I appreciate everything your country has given me, and hope to pay it back one day by becoming a doctor". The 2 men laughed, and began to shout while running towards him, after that all that Adam knew was pain and darkness.

A couple hours later, Adam had found himself in an empty alleyway hidden not far from where he was attacked. Adam full of fear and panic quickly got his bearings, and started to run out towards the bus station. He wasn't sure what to do, all he knew is he had to get to safety, and the only place he knew, was home. Luckily for Adam the bus was already there, slowly filling up with passengers who were heading home to their families. After a concerned look from the bus driver, Adam paid his way and began his journey home. 

When Adam arrived, he found himself being surrounded by many of his friends from the village. Adam, who was still shuck up and covered in bruises, began to tell them exactly what had happened. His family instantly began to condone him, telling him to head home while they dealt with the issue themselves. Adam agreed and headed off to his house to get some much needed rest. The next day Adam had a call from work telling him he was fired, because he had missed work, and so he had been replaced with another. Adam began to break down, he never expected life here to be anything like this... So he headed out to his friends house, so he could confide in him and decide what he should do next.

After a long talk with his friend, explaining all that happened, his friend decided to speak. "you should know that they are all like this, none of them want us here. We all know this, we all hide away in this village together, because we know we will never be accepted. They all want us to leave and wish us all to die, they only think of us as parasites here only to drain their country. That is why we hide together, no one will help us now, all you can do is hope to find another job. But one day, hopefully they will get whats coming to them, all of them". Adam, a little took back by this, sat up straight and said " I don't believe all of them are like this, how else did I get a job in one of their factories. I understand I was fired, but that's how it is we all need a job, there just isn't enough. Because of this employers exploit us... All of us". His friend simply nodded, but clearly paid no attention to what Adam had said. Shortly after Adam left, he felt too uncomfortable around his friends approach to the matter, and quickly made his way home... I hope he doesn't do anything stupid, he thought to himself.


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