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Geniuses, people who have everything, they have an easy life and never really have to do anything to get it. They simply touch a pen, release their work and then get hundreds of pounds from stupid people willing to blow their hard earned cash on silly little kids. At least that is how Gary saw it anyway.

Gary was a young boy who had recently turned 14, he loved to go out with friends whenever he had the chance. But also liked to spend time at home on his computer to help pass the time, playing one of his many games that he had collected over the years. Apart from all this Gary dedicated 3 days a week, to improving his favorite hobby, playing piano.

It wasn't a hobby you would expect from such a charismatic teenager, but he had grown attached to it at a young age. Gary was heavily inspired into playing piano, after seeing a young man playing one of his favorite songs on a piano, live on TV. He had told many people about it, soon discovering that this young man had become a millionaire. Who played in all the top concerts, all around the world. Gary decided this is what he wanted to do, he wanted to be rich and famous! So he began his journey into the world of the piano.

Every month Gary's friends used go with him into the music room, where Gary would sit down and show them what he had learned. This was Gary's favorite time of the month, he loved to hear the praise, and he was the only one who knew how to play, so he was admired by everyone there. But one day, this all changed. This would be the day Gary learned how much he hated geniuses, and the day he decided to quit piano.

Gary had lead his friends into the music room as normal, they headed towards the piano near the back of the room. But it appeared that someone was already there, it was the new transfer student. The student was the same age as Gary but went to different classes. He hadn't talked to her yet but decided to ask her to move so he could show her how its done. But just before Gary was next to the girl, she started to play. Gary took a sharp step back, the song she was playing was the exact same song that had once drew Gary into the world of the piano.

Angrily, Gary whipped around to face his friends and said lets leave, but as he left the room his friends didn't follow. They had all decided to listen to this amazing young girl, while she played her heart out. Gary stomped out the room and headed home. "How could she be that good"...

After Gary had got home, he had decided to tell his parents about what happened. There was a brief silence, while his parent pondered over their responses. "Listen Gary, sometimes there are people out there who are born amazing, people who have talents that us normal people could only dream of having. They are called geniuses, they live in the clouds way above us. They are just born, somehow different to us, making them achieve more than we ever will... Don't think anything of it and just keep trying. One day you may catch up to them". Gary disheartened marched up to his room and glanced over to his piano. His heart was shattered, he had been learning piano since he was 10. But now, some girl who has probably hasn't trained for half as long, easily forced him to the side. Leaving Gary with nothing. What would be the point, his friends know that he is bad compared to this girl, so Gary decided to quit.

Gary never saw the girl in school anymore, she never seemed to be anywhere, not that he cared anyway, but he was glad... Until one day he saw her walking by, Gary full of rage screamed at her at the top of his voice. "Why did you come here, why did you wreck my life do you know how long I played piano for? Then you come along, some stupid girl who plays piano for a week then steals all my friends. I worked so hard and now my dreams are gone, all because you were born special, I wish you were dead." The girl froze for a moment unable to comprehend what was happening. But quickly came to her senses, while resorting to her primal instinct... She turned and ran. Gary screamed after her, "I HATE GENIUSES!, its all there fault lazy good for nothings!"

After school Gary's parents received a phone call from the school telling them of the incident that had occurred in school. His parents turned to Gary "we are going out get ready and get in the car, you are going to apologize to this girl, whether you like it or not". Gary, knowing not to question his parents, stomped up the stars to grab his coat and headed out to the car. After they arrived at the house, they knocked on the door and were invited inside. Gary could hear a piano upstairs and felt his anger welling up, reminded of the pain he felt after hearing her play. So he asked were the toilet was and locked himself inside.

Although Gary was in the toilet he could hear their mothers talking. "I'm sorry about my son we don't know what happened"."I see... Well I'm glad he came to apologize, I hope it will make her feel better. She has been locked in her room since she came home. You see her father died when she was just 6 years old. All she has to remember him by was his piano, ever since that day she spent every second she had to herself learning how to play it. She didn't have any friends, she never had time for them, all she wants to do is play... It brings her closer to him I think. Sometimes she spends the entire day locked away playing it, refusing to eat until she is finished."

Gary thought to himself, "6 hours a day... 6 hours every day, I hardly did 6 a week... How.. dedicated was I really." Gary suddenly noticed a tickling sensation slowly crawling down his face. He was crying, but why? He felt like he was being ripped apart from the inside out, as he began to remember all the things he had said to her. How could he of said those horrible things to her? He charged out the toilet and headed to the sound of the piano. He stood outside the door for a moment... Then entered.

The room wasn't what he expected, there was no TV, no games, just a large room with a cupboard a bed, and of course a piano. With sheet music spread all over the room scattered alongside thousands of books, about pianos. "But she is a genius.. why is she doing all this, cant she just play what she wants by listening to it once?" Gary finally began to understand, that this girl she wasn't a genius at all, at least not how he viewed them. She was just a girl who loved the piano, someone who had a reason to play it, a real reason. Gary thought to himself how could I be so pathetic, I treat her like she was nothing, but it turns out, I was nothing. She sits on the clouds because she climbed there, even if she is a genius she fought for her cloud. Gary didn't know what to say, so he looked deep into her eyes, shouted "I'm sorry" and darted out the room.

After this his parents decided it was best they leave. They headed home without uttering a word, but the moment they parked up, Gary ran inside and started to play the piano. He thought to himself, "she is so high there is no way I could ever truly let her know how sorry I am. I'm going to play! I'm going to learn! Though I may never reach the clouds, maybe I will be able to get close enough to touch her if only for a second. Close enough so I may experience what it is like to be close to an angel. I have a reason to play now, but this time I will play my heart out, and the next time I talk to her, I will truely be able to apologise. Until that day, I will never give up."

Many years later, a mother and her child were sitting down watching their favorite pianist play his heart out, In front of a live audience. The mother then turned to her child and said, "your father is amazing isn't he, his song is the story of the first day he spoke to me, and also the day he fell for me. Who knew that I would marry the first boy that had once screamed in my face. Its a funny world isn't it?"

"Fathers a genius isn't he mum?"

The mother smiled, turned to her child and nodded.

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