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Once upon a time there lived a young boy called Brad. Brad was a normal boy of average size, he had dark hair and brown eyes, pretty much all the things you would expect from an ordinary little boy. But Brad was unique, even though he looked so normal. He was undoubtedly different from everyone else. 

Brad was a hard worker, he wasn't great at making friends so he spend most his time trying to study in school. But no matter how hard he tried to study, he always found himself only just passing the tests he was given. 

Everyone would make fun of him, calling him stupid, while the teachers told him to work harder, because he is simply being lazy. The teachers used to give him detention when he was unable to keep up in class, and made Brad believe the fault was no one's but his own. This made Brad feel all alone, he felt stupid, everyone else could do it so why couldn't he. 

One day Brad decided to go out for a walk to the park, there was nothing to do there but he liked to watch the animals run around in the trees at the back of the park. He liked to sit down and think to himself, about how the trees grew, and how the birds rely on them for protection. He liked to let his mind wander endlessly while he tried to answer all the questions it threw at him, always trying to improve his answers until he felt he was right.

But today was different, as Brad entered the park, he spotted a group of 4 people, 3 boys and one girl. He had recognized them from his class at school, and decided to walk around them so he could sit in his favorite spot. But the group stepped forward and blocked his way and stared directly at Brad, Brad started feeling uncomfortable and began to look at his feet, unable to maintain eye contact, but also unable to move. He had no idea what to do, and he started to panic.

After what seemed like an eternity, one of the boys began to speak, "What are you doing here Brad, you're too stupid to play in the park, and you have no friends". This cut Brad deeply, but he refused to respond, it would only make things worse. The girl laughed and the other 2 boys instantly joined in, laughing and shouting foul words towards Brad. Getting closer and closer until Brad quickly sprung into action, he turned around, and ran. He ran as fast as he could, his mind swirling with question, but it was all too much, Brad eventually found a corner near some houses he had never seen before, sat down and began to cry.

Brad began to question himself, why was he so stupid, why would anyone care about him when he cant even pass normal tests. Why didn't he work hard enough... why is he useless. The more he thought about it the longer he cried. Brad stayed in his corner for a long time, until he finally got the urge to move, he wiped his eyes and straightened his clothes. No one should see me like this, he thought to himself, I shouldn't cry I don't want people to come to me and treat me like a child, I need to find my way home.

Brad turned back down the road he had come running in from and began to walk. After a moment he saw a man sitting on his doorstep shouting angrily at a device he was holding. Brad who wasn't usually one to approach others decided to step forward and ask what was wrong. The man looked up and thought for a minute, "Hi" he said "My son has broke his ipad and I had opened it up to find out what was wrong. But it seems I have only made it worse, it wont do anything now". Brad had seen this problem before, when he had accidentally broke his own Ipad, but instead of asking his dad he managed to fix it himself. So knowing this Brad took a chance, one he would never consider himself taking and said, "may I have a look at it sir". The man looked at Brad with a questioning look for a second, then said with a smile on his face "sure, what harm could it do". 

Brad took the Ipad from the man, sat down on the floor and began to examine the circuit board on the back. To Brad's surprise he realized this was exactly what was wrong with his own Ipad, Brad instantly got to work and began to reconnect the loose wires which had fallen out of their places. Then he passed it back over to the man and explained what he did, the man turned reconnected the battery and turned it on.... It worked, the man stood up with a large smile on his face, "thank you so much young man, you have saved me so much time and money. Now I can go in an spend some much needed time with my family, Thank you". Brad subconsciously smiled back and said "you're welcome" the man quickly walked inside and Brad not sure what to do began his way back down the road. Not long later the man came back out to look for him, only to find he had gone.

Brad feeling a little embarrassed about himself, found himself walking into yet another person who seemed to be having problems. Feeling a little more confident, Brad decided to approach them and ask if they needed help. It was a young lady would seemed to be frustrated about something, Brad walked up to her and asked what was wrong. The young lady turned in anger and said "I cant get on the internet, it keeps giving me pop ups telling me I have a virus. But I need to get on to find the phone number to my husbands work so I can tell him something important. But he is the only one who knows how to fix this." Brad was a little shocked, he liked to play on this PC sometimes and had become very good at removing viruses of his own PC. So like last time Brad decided to offer his help, the woman looked at him with a look of distrust, but then turned inside and said "please give it a go, it cant hurt for you to try." She walked Brad inside the house and stood next to him while he sat down and opened up the web browser to find out what was wrong. Again it turned out to be something Brad had seen before, she had a virus he had recently got off a Facebook game. Brad instantly got to work and began to remove the programs that was causing the problem, after a few minutes he was done. Brad stood up and took a step back and said "done", the lady sat down and opened the webpage and just as Brad said, it was working.

The woman turned to him smiling, all signs of frustration had left her face, "Oh my god, thank you so much, you are so young and yet you managed to help me, Thank you." Brad smiled, and said "you're welcome" then began to make his way out and stepped out the front door. The lady shouted to him please wait a moment, but Brad didn't hear and felt a little awkward so he continued out the garden and back down the road he had come from. 

Not long later Brad came across and old man scrubbing a step which was covered in bird poop. The old man seemed exhausted and it didn't look like he was getting anywhere. Brad decided to step forward, with far more confidence than before and said "excuse me sir, can I help at all". The old man turned to face Brad and smiled, "that would be wonderful, please do". Brad took a step forward and looked at the step, he thought to himself, how can I remove a stain of hardened liquid. After a while he decided the best approach would be boiling water with a cleaning substance to help loosen it and use a stiff brush to scrub it off completely. He asked the old man for these things, and the man went inside for a moment returning not long later with a full kettle, a brush and son cleaning solutions. Brad then began to work on the step, and luckily to his surprise his idea worked, in fact the step looked cleaner then everything else around it. Brad then handed back the items to the man and said "done", the old man looked down in surprise, "it looks brand new, I didn't expect this, thank you young man... thank you." the old man took the items back inside and Brad quickly made his escape, and began to walk back down the road finally finding his way home.

The next day Brad woke, he was feeling sad he had to go back to school tomorrow but he was to stupid to learn or do anything. He didn't want to be reminded about how worthless he was, so he got dressed and left the house. 

Not long later after Brad had left, people began to arrive at his house, they told Brads parents that he had helped almost everyone on their street. The people began to tell his parents how smart he was, and how he had made everyone's day so much better but had left before they could thank him. They had all got together and looked for where this young man lived so they could show their gratitude properly and award him with a certificate to show him how important he was that day. Even after being told that he had just gone out, they had all decided that they were willing to wait outside for him, it was the least he deserved. 

Brad had began to walk down a road he knew all to well, it lead to his favorite place. A tall bridge which towered over a shallow river, he liked to watch the water pass by, and felt this would be the perfect place to be. Suddenly a 2 boys appeared in front of him, it was 2 of the boys he had come across yesterday, the ones who had verbally attack him after their friend harassed him on the park. Brad took a step back, he couldn't handle another attack, he knew he was worthless he didn't need to be reminded. He just wanted to end it and get a break from it all. But then one of the boy's spoke, "was it you that fixed our computers?" Brad, wondering what they were talking about responded quickly with a "what?". The 2 boy's looked at him and said, "my Ipad, and Freds PC, was that you?" "OH" Brad said, yes I did repair a PC and Ipad, I had the same problems so I lent them a hand".

The boy's suddenly turned to each other and said, "wow, thank you I didn't know you could do that... We are so sorry for calling you stupid, we only did it because Mike had started it, and we wanted to fit in. We know it was wrong and that cant make up for it, but after all we said you still fixed our things. Please forgive us, we brought a game for the PC will you let us play it in your house with you?" Brad not knowing how to take this seemed a little shocked. Come to my house, why should I let them they treated me like an idiot, but Brad was smart and knew when people were being truthful. "I forgive you, lets go to my house for a bit", they boys both smiled, relived to be forgiven and thankful to Brad, and followed him to his house. 


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