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There once was a wise man who ruled over a prosperous nation. He had made it his goal to ensure all his citizens lived comfortable lives, by creating a world of peace and prosperity.

One day he had a message arrive at his chambers, it said my people are suffering we have nowhere to go, and our own people wish to kill us, let us join your nation and live in prosperity. The wise man considered their plea for a while, but thought that bringing in other people with views different to his own and his country men would lead to disputes and danger. But he over came this after deciding kindness trumps all other thoughts on this matter, and he accepted their request. 

But even so the wise man still wasn't 100% sure, so he sent 20 people to come across the refugees and pretend to be starving and weak. He told them to act disabled and slow, but always speak kindly and show them respect. 

After a while the 2 groups met, the group of people pretending to be sickly asked for food and help to return to the nation, because they had got lost. The refugees asked their religion and upon finding out it was not their own they ignored the group and marched on, even though they had spare food and wagons the weak could travel on.

Not long later they arrived at the wise mans home and spoke with him. He quickly inquired about the group of people they past and asked why did you leave them there. They were valued members of my nation, and soon to be your family. The refugees said "we did not approach because we feared that they were dangerous and I value my own people over some strangers". 

And so the wise man spoke, "you people are indeed wise and came escaping starvation and torture to a better place". "But sadly I must say no and I must send you home". Screaming back at him the group demanded to know why! The wise man took a deep breath, simply said. "I have learned from what you taught me, learning from others is what makes me wise. You people have different beliefs that contradict our own and because of this you scare me, and I value my own peoples lives over a group of strangers"... I am sorry, be gone.

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