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Imagine a man who had gained the power to travel, not only through time but also through dimensions too. This man would have the ability to see every outcome of every situation that could ever be. He would hold all the worlds knowledge, and hold all the answers to every question that anyone may ask. But lets take a moment to imagine what he could see, has seen and take a guess at what he may say to us. What opinion of Brexit do you believe this man would give?


I have seen many things in my time, but none more complex than Brexit. Brexit is not the first time so many have fought so viciously over beliefs while lacking the evidence they need to come to a genuine conclusion. Nor will it be the last... Well at least in the dimensions where humanity lives on that is. But that is neither here nor there with the discussion over Brexit…


Though I suppose the question you want to ask is which is the right answer, leave or remain? At least that is what I and many others would like to believe, but in reality deep down what you want to ask is who was right?


Luckily for me the answer is not so simple, as neither outcome is particularly great, infact both are incredibly terrible.. In the long run things may change, but those are things you need to find out for yourself.


Why you ask, who betrays us? Does the EU cause Britain to starve along side it, or does leaving the EU cause us to starve alone due to the possible failure of the economy?


Well neither of these are true. The only ones who will be to blame are the British citizens themselves. Let me resort back to my previous statement, “people don’t want to know if leave or remain is right, but they want to know if they are right, nothing more nothing less”. For whoever wins, their opposition will sabotage their own future in order to confirm their own beliefs that the decision was the wrong one. They will secretly support the failure of the economy and assist the failure of Britain’s future.


Though they will not do this by actively causing problems to arise… No, they will do it by simply doing nothing. Refusing to work together to overcome the problems that will arise. Refusing to place their own brick onto the future that we are all trying to build together. Their bitterness will remain until the moment they are proven right, and when being right means the destruction of the country you love. Then they become nothing more than children, who are waiting for the world to burn and refuse to do anything about it because it will actively be proving themselves wrong.


Brexit may very well be the end of Britain, but that will not be due to the outcome of Brexit but simply the maturity of its people. You all want the same thing in the end, and if the future becomes bright and beautiful, will it really be so bad being wrong? The moment you realise that being wrong is the greatest outcome and you should do everything in your power to be wrong. Is the moment you overcome the future that many dimensions have already faced.


But that is the choice you must make, all I have to do is wait and see if you make it. But tell me, what really makes your future better? Your actions or your pride.


That is what I would believe, he would say.

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