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The First Sin


          Many years ago humanity was facing its imminent end. Great cities had fallen and villages had become ravaged by a plague of diseased rats. Those who came in contact with them, were soon to perish as the disease took its hold. Crops failed to yield any harvest, and the great freshwater canals slowly became contaminated… Leaving only a handful of men and women left to face their fate. This was the price paid for the first sin of man. This was the apocalypse delivered by none other than god himself.

          Moments before the last light began to dim, a great prophet called Gaiak gathered the remaining people and began to preach his words. He demanded that they group together in prayer and beg for forgiveness to appease the god who they had so recently betrayed. The group took no heed of his words and exiled the false prophet onto the great mountain, that lay far to the east of the final settlement. Though he had been expelled from humanity, the prophet remained true to his faith, and began his perilous journey to the top of mount kenka. Where he began to pray to the gods in hope to be forgiven. This is where his prayers would be answers.

          Five divine beings descended from the heavens, each placing their blessing upon the devout follower, as he began to tell his story of humanities betrayal. Upon hearing the story the great beings began their journey along side Gaiak back towards the final sanctuary of humanity.

          Once Gaiak returned to his people, he was treat with disgust and disbelief until the great divines began to show themselves one by one. This was the beginning of the new age, the age of the angels.

          The angels remained with the people, as they worked together to cleanse the area of it’s plague. They began to grow new crops, and assisted in the cleansing of the great canals that had once sustained the many great nations of humanity. But remained unable to prevent the dark magic that had been cast upon humanity as it was beyond far their power. This was something only the god could fix, though the god was not as merciful as the angels and demanded more. A council was created, of the five angels and five men, who had each proven their worth and devotion to the one true god. Together they devised a plan on how they would prevent the power of the god, from tormenting humanity any more. To do this the angels began to erect a great wall between the god and humanity and imbued it with the power of the angels in order to prevent gods magic from being able to pass by. Soon after the angels were forced to return to the heavens, and decided to leave the five human members of the council in charge of humanity. Proclaiming that their bloodline will forever rule until the end of days.

          Many years had passed and the god was left blissfully unaware of the new wall that was protecting humanity from their fate. Though the humans had soon began to question the nobles right to rule, as many did not remember the events before the creation of the wall. As a result the once the angels returned and saw the betrayal of their words, they quickly became enraged by humanities lack of trust in their chosen successors,  and returned to their god, informing him of the great wall built from their mistake. Although the god now knew of the wall, his powers were unable to tear it down, due to the runes placed deep inside by his angels. So he created a large army of humanoid rats as mockery of the humans first plague. Setting them loose upon the walls in an attempt to tear it down. Ever since humanity has manned the walls and fought of the endless onslaught of rats, while the nobles deep inside began to reclaim their right to rule. Claiming dominance over all humanity and continued leading them back towards the true faith. To once again beg for forgiveness from the god and his angels…


Or so it is told...

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