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Some people believe in ghosts. But as for myself... I'm not so certain... It wasn't hard for me to say I didn't believe a few weeks ago, because I never experienced anything that I was not able to explain myself. But recently, that has all begun to change... It's seems now, although my response remains the same. The reasons have become far more worrisome... Now I only choose to say it out of fear alone, because deep down I believe that by accepting what I experienced to be real, I will in turn be opening a hall I never wish to travel down... Here is my story about the teddy bear in the mirror.

I visit my fathers house at least 2-3 times a year. I would like to visit more often though the distance makes it difficult to do so. Normally I spend the whole time in my dads house, but this time was a little different. My step mothers daughter (including grand kids) had also planned to visit during the same time. As it would be during new years day, which is also my fathers birthday. So we had decided that I would sleep in my Grandmas spare room for the last 3 days of my visit. Which wasn't too bad since my grandma lives around 8 houses away, making it less than a minutes walk at most. So I was more than happy with this arrangement, and my Grandma was of course delighted to have me. 

The days flew by at my dads house, as I spent the majority of the time waiting for them to finish work. Even then they appeared tired when they were home, I still cherished every moment of it all the same. But as all things, this soon came to an end and I made may way over to my Grandmas house to begin my first night. 

My sister was also staying over at my Grandmas house in the largest of the two spare rooms. This lead to the start of a small family party meaning the 3 of us drunk our share of alcohol and watched some of the popular shows on at the time. I never really felt like I had drunk too much, at most I had finished about half a bottle of vodka over a 5 hour period. I never stumbled or slurred my words, but I cant deny that the alcohol may of betrayed my senses. 

The night ended when my Grandma had become too tired to stay up, and my sister soon followed. Leaving me alone to make my way up after they had finished with the bathroom. I finished doing my teeth and headed over to the spare room to get into bed.

The room itself is actually quite small, It contains a desk, and seat and a small single bed. Nothing that really stands out, apart from one. Along side the length of the bed was 2 large sliding doors, which had partitioned off a piece of the room. The whole cupboard stretched about 6 feet across, each door covered about 3ft wide and 7 ft high, which both slid into the other to reveal large areas. One side contained draws and the other was a large open area, which was big enough for 2 people to stand in easily. Though these large hidden areas were not at all the problem. One of the sliding doors was made of white wood, though the other was a large towering mirror... I already knew about this mirror, as I had slept there many times before, but today as I lay on my side, my eyes were continuously drawn towards it.

After a short moment of admiring the shear size of the mirror I began to peer deep into it, which is when I first saw it... The medium sized teddy sitting on the table near the bottom of my bed peering directly back at me through the mirror. At first I thought nothing of it, since the teddy could of easily been there in that position before. I had simply not noticed it, on my way into the room. So I switched off the lights and closed my eyes... Suddenly there was a strange sound from the bottom of my bed! I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but it sounded similar to a plug socket sparking as you forced in a plug that you refuse to replace. I managed to ignore it for a couple minutes, until I found myself feeling compelled to open my eyes. As I opened them, I found myself glaring back into the mirror as it devoured the other half of the room. The deeper I looked the harder it felt to be able to draw my eyes away. I stared deeper and deeper until again, my eyes connected with the teddy. At this point I was becoming overwhelmed with an unexplainable fear. 

You must understand that I am a very brave person in terms of noises and odd things. I sometimes find myself walking into dark rooms simply to explain a noise I just heard, and never once found myself feeling any sense of fear. You could say I was simply ignorant to the possibilities of actually finding something rather than realising the noise was nothing particularly scary. So this sense of overwhelming fear without any actual explanation ended up becoming more like a catalyst driving me down a road of internal panic.   

At first I ignored the fear and once again forced myself to break contact and close my eyes. But almost immediately the noise began to repeat itself and I was again forced to open my eyes. To find myself staring directly into the mirror, deeper and deeper, filling me with panic but this time I was certain... The teddies head had moved. I quickly reached for the lamp as I maintained may gaze towards the bear. I was no longer able to get eye contact with the teddy this time. Because his eyes were no longer meeting mine in the mirror, but facing directly towards me. 

The light exploded into the room causing me to blink and lose vision of the bear! My eyes quickly adjusted to the light, though instead of looking directly towards the bear, I gazed at it from within the mirror. I don't know why I did this, but I was drawn more to the mirror rather than the bear. As if it was something else charming me towards it. As I looked into the mirror I saw that the bear had returned to its previous position... "Was I wrong?" I muttered to myself. Even though the situation was more or less explained to me, with the idea that I had somehow imagined the bear had moved. I could still not shake the fear that was slowly engulfing me. 

I began to try and sleep with the light on, but no matter how hard I tried I always found myself checking the mirror to see if the bear had moved. That is when my internal fight began, I started to recite in my head "You are not welcome here, please leave". This was because I had heard that nothing can enter a house uninvited (at least not paranormal things), whether this is true or not... I do not know. Though at the time it did appear to calm me, even if only in the slightest. But as I continued to repeat the phrase, my mind split in two and began to say "show yourself and come to play". I have not been able to explain were this came from, but it repeated itself over and over and began to drown out my first phrase. The fears returned ten fold and I began to sweat and show real signs of panic and fear. The noises began to sound louder, and I threw myself upright to spot the noise, but every time I thought I located it, the sound would quickly move to another position, then return near the teddy at the bottom of the bed. Although it was just a noise, I could sense violence inside it, which may sound like mad ramblings to you, though to me at the time it made absolute sense.

I was almost entirely frozen with fear, though I managed to scrape up the last of my bravery and dived out of bed. Darting past the teddy and the chair, but as I glanced to the left into the mirror I saw it... I say "it" and "saw" though I never saw anything but I knew it was there, Because my eyes were dead set on one point of the reflection, this was next the teddy, near the chair... Right next to me. Although it simply reflected nothing but the same old scenery, I could not help but feel my fear peak at that single moment upon gazing into that one spot. 

I charged out the room and scrambled to find the landing light, rubbing my hands along the wall as I headed directly to the bathroom. Moments before I reached the bathroom, my hands met the light switch. Allowing the light to surround the landing as I shot into the bathroom. The moment I closed the door, all sense of fear and panic left me. Everything was back to normal, and I had become the same old ignorant fool who was scared of nothing once again. I sat for a while reflecting over the situation and begun to relax after persuading myself that it was all some sort of hallucination. 

I soon returned to the room with my new found confidence, and turned the teddy to face towards the wall, away from me and the mirror. As if that was the cause of all my fear, though in hindsight after remembering the mirror I doubt the teddy had anything to do with it at all. It just happened to be close to the area that I saw in the mirror as I fled the room. Once the bear was turned away, I returned to my bed and glanced casually into the mirror to ensure he remained that way. 

It didn't take too long for me to fall asleep after this point, as I was back to my normal self. And the next 2 days were the same, I no longer felt any fear or panic. Finding that falling asleep in the room was just as easy as anywhere else regardless to the great mirror looming over me. Though I did have the teddy removed for the last two nights... Just in case. This is more or less the end of my story because I was gathering my things ready to leave for home. But just before I began to gather my bags and head down stairs, my Grandma entered the room and took a seat in the wicker chair. And there it was, the same sound I had heard on the first night that I stayed over. The fear trickled back into me as I begun to realise what that meant. Though I remained calm, comforted by not being alone in the room, I knew I had to leave the room right away. I quickly gathered my things and ensured Grandma followed me out the room, and I eventually left the house the head back home...




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