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Welcome to Wayau Pets!

What is it?

Wayau Pets is an online virtual pet game. You get your very own unique pet to raise and care for. Through interactions you and your pet will bond.

We take mixed elements from ARPGs and virtual pet games to create a nice blend while making a simpler and easier way to play!

Getting Started

If you've not already registered an account, head on over to the top right and click 'register' Once done you can log into your brand new account and pick an egg! The egg you choose will determine which pet will be your starter!

Art Role Playing

We currently have the system developed for you to begin adventuring in our ARPG area. ARPGs allow you to make artwork of your pet engaging in an activity (Such as adventuring) and gives your rewards based on the criteria met. Follow our Art Submissions Guide to get the most points!

Recent Submissions