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When you login, you will see a picture shows up on the menu (By default it looks like a dark user icon). If you click it, a drop down menu will open. You may go to your settings and upload a new profile picture.

You can Create a Project Here Projects will show up in the Browse Projects section where other users can view it.

If you have run into a problem, please contact us mail@lostfables.com - It is helpful if you tell us:

  • What page are you on?
  • What are you trying to do?
  • What is the issue?
  • How can the issue be replicated? (If at all)

This information will help us to narrow down the issue as quickly as possible. Any further information you think might help us, please feel free to include.

We are always happy to hear your suggestion, however please keep in mind that we also have features we need to work on, suggestions may have already been given or we simply can not implement something you suggest right now or in the future. We won't reply to suggestions however they will be stored for future reference. You can send your suggestions to mail@lostfables.com

We understand the need to remove some reviews, therefore we have added 'Review IDs' to user reviews. If you feel that the review is not constructive, violates your user agreements or have any other concerns, please link your project to mail@lostfables.com and include the Review ID. We will contact you with any updates.

If you did not concent to your project being here, please contact us to remove it. We will require some form of proof that you are the project developer. mail@lostfables.com

Please contact us if you wish to remove your account/project. mail@lostfables.com

Before contacting us, be sure to change your account/project description to something along the lines of "Please delete" so we know you have authorized it.

If your question is not here or you need further details, please email mail@lostfables.com



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