User Management

Edit usernames and contact details. Reset Passwords. Change user roles. Never fear user management again!

Track Activity

Never loose track of who made that last update or edited a profile. Cosmos will keep track of it all so that you won't have to worry about who might have made that edit.

Ticket System

Cosmos is more than a contact system. Every message becomes a ticket allowing interaction between you and your users right there in the website with email notifications!


Community Forums allow users to engage with each other and for staff to keep their users up to date, give an open space for feedback and discussion.

Email Marketing

Keep users updated and informed with our Emailing and Notification systems. Send to one, multiple or all users within Cosmos.

Reputation System

Keep track of internal notes about users and staff to see who shines above the rest. Allow staff to give or remove reputation for actions performed within the community.

Powered by Cosmos

Cosmos is a bespoke Admin Panel for various projects, made to give the power to the user. Cosmos utilizes 'roles' which allow access for different users to view and edit various content and data. Need a user to be able to see their profile but only an Admin to update the content? Cosmos has you covered!

Unlock the power of tracking. Need to know who last updated a user's password? Cosmos tracks everything! Nothing goes unnoticed with Cosmos' activity tracker.


Creating an Admin Panel with various RNG rollers to help Admin with their work

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Bold Street Tattoo

Web Development for Tattoo Studio



Browser Game Development

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